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June 04, 2012


Recently I wanted to try my skills at code review. Fortunately, there’s lots of open source code out there just looking for some new contributor to find bugs. Rather than go after WordPress, Joomla, or one of the other common targets I decided to go for something less popular without being totally obscure. In the end the magic selection dart landed on a web based project management application called Collabtive.

In general...

March 05, 2012

View of controlling boards There is a ton of information that I’d like to share about this project but at the moment I’ve got other priorities than writing it up.

So I’m going to dump a series of pictures and videos and at some point I’ll come back to split it up and fill in the collosal gaps.

Note: images have not been renamed so you can get an idea of...

October 14, 2011

Handmade Napkin Set When my friend Cris announced he was getting married, the search was on for a suitable wedding gift. Cris had a big influence on my wife and I getting together and had set the bar high with his gift to us of collectors edition Star Wars pillow cases. Well, someone might be collecting them.

My wife wanted to make something by hand and I was all for that...

September 25, 2011

Unwanted Cricut on my doorstep This past summer a fine young Cricut machine made it’s way to my doorstep. Apparently rejected for younger things it had been sold cheap and lied to about it’s true potential.

If you asked the misguided souls who had let it go so easily all this thing could do was follow a few limited instructions built in to a cartridge using all the dazzling technology the 80s...

June 19, 2011


Solar powered, illuminated address sign For quite a while now I’ve had the idea in my head to take a couple of solar garden lights and use them to illuminate an address sign. I’m not sure what sparked the idea since my old address sign wasn’t that hard to see, but since when did that matter. The catalyst for finally getting it done was a desire to make us of my...

June 19, 2011

Copper burining in a small file.

Being a geek and a Boy Scout leader, when I read about doping a pinecone with various chemicals to make colored flames in your campfire, I knew that I had to try it. As with many projects, it took me quite a while to act on that whim, but if you spend 20 minutes every couple of months on something, eventually it will get done....

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