A while ago I bought an ETEKCITY Dual Antena USB Wireless Network Adapter whith a model number on the back of SI-7200ND and looks like this one. It apparently uses the RT3072 chipset.

This little gadget has served me well when I need to be connected to two networks at once (local CTFs) or as a temporary adapter while standing up a new system. I’ve used it under both Linux and Windows and it does fine.

The only drawback is that if you don’t have the driver disk handy you are completely out of luck. For some reason it is extremely difficult to find these on the Intenet. This was painful during the past week when my driver disk was packed away in boxes and I wanted to use the adapter.

So as a service to myself and the general public, I’m going to post the drivers here. Who knows if they’ll get indexed high enough to make the search engines, but at least I’ve done my part. Of course if there is some legal reason no one is posting these, then I’ll ask the nice people who enforce those things to kindly tell me and I’ll take them down. Which will leave people in the same annoying state of having paid good money for useless hardware.

Note: The disk also contains drivers for the SI-G5000UGL (RTL-8187L) Single Antenna Model so I’m posting those as well.

ETEKCITY SI-7200ND Drivers